Travel & Stay

The most affordable route from the US to Lefkada, Greece is through Athens. At which point you can take an additional flight or make the ~4 hour drive. Feel free to be creative and spend some time in the surrounding areas before or after our wedding to make the most out of your trip.

We are coordinating travel to the venue with the wedding planners and will send updates as we have them. The best man, Matt Ruth, will be sending updates regarding transportation.

Arranged Hotel

Hotel Oasis is in walking distance from the Villa Veneziano (wedding venue) and provides comfortable accommodations at a pre-negotiated rate. You can call or email the hotel for more information. (10/2-10/7).

Nearby Hotels

There are many nearby hotels, so feel free to explore the area, but make sure you have a way to get around. (10/2-10/7).

Airbnb Apartments

There are many Airbnb options if you need a larger space. (10/2-10/7).